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Bathrooms Dec 11, 2021

The Classic Luxury Virtual Experience

Classic Luxury offers a professional and convenient way for you to achieve a luxurious and trendy bathroom with seamless functionality at wonderfully affordable prices. 


Are you looking for the best value in the market when sourcing premium bathroom products? Frustrated with not knowing where to start to achieve a bathroom with a timeless trend?

At Classic Luxury, they aim to help homeowners just like you transform bathrooms into personal sanctuaries.

Many homeowners are overwhelmed by the multitude of choices out there. This subsequently makes it difficult to envision the end result of your dream bathroom.

“We believe that your home should be seen as a place of luxury, relaxation and sophistication, being your personal sanctuary. And we understand that this can be overwhelming to achieve on your own. That’s exactly why we want to have this virtual consultation with you. So that we can help you achieve your dream bathroom that works within your budget. All without the stress, overwhelm, and overthinking that comes along with it.”

The aim is to achieve a bathroom that’s bang on trend, suiting your unique style, personality, and architecture. All while providing a personalised experience at wonderfully affordable prices.

In the last 25 years, Classic Luxury has thus transformed thousands of bathrooms across South Africa with the largest curation of European brands under one roof in the whole of Africa.

Premium Products At Non-Premium Prices

Indulge yourself in exclusive premium tiles, bathrooms and accessories from premier international brands… the icons of today. Classic Luxury’s passion for premium has subsequently taken them to the design capitals of the world to bring you the perfect mix of unparalleled quality, forward-thinking trends and timeless sophistication.

They, therefore, make it possible for you to get easy access to this sophisticated consumer’s heaven at the most affordable prices on the market.

“We understand your deepest desires. We know you want the best value in the market. And our sole purpose is to give you exactly that.”

Contact Classic Luxury for a virtual consultation and create your own personal sanctuary at home.

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