Showerline’s Image Glide

Shower doors are made to lock in the moisture and keep the water from spraying all over the bathroom floor. Produced with the intention for practical uses, and now excelling in design elements, the shower door has gone from basic to modern to current. Showerline is aware of the progression in the shower door and has created a range of gliders that can be installed in varied spaces for their clients. These products are on offer to the domestic and project market. IMAGE GLIDER: This is the Original Showerline Glider product made with 10mm of toughened safety glass. This is available both as wall and glass fix systems. Showerline also offers a ‘Silk Sand Finish’ in the new future, which is something to look forward to. IMAGE PELMET GLIDER: Our latest product innovation which has been product tested for structural stability according to SASEMA regulations. This product utilises 8mm Glass, and has a Linished Bright Silver finish. Currently this product is not available for ‘glass fixing’, only available ‘to wall’. This product is suitable for openings of up to 900mm x 2050mm height and product will finish at 1000mm Width, and 2150mm height. MIRAGE GLIDER: This is a new product release, and is being used in the Stay Easy Hotel development in Cape Town. This makes use of  8mm glass and comprises the Mirage Bi-slider Headrail in Bright Polished Silver, with a single guide block to the floor. Available in a Chrome Finish and  suitable for openings of up to 900mm x 2050mm height. The product will finish at 1000mm width and 2150mm height.

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