Sensia® Arena shower toilet

Being able to clean and dry with just the push of a button makes anyone feel like royalty on their porcelain throne, especially if you are hygiene conscious and constantly thriving to lead a healthier, more convenient lifestyle.

With the launch of the new Sensia® Arena shower toilet, for the first time GROHE is offering the opportunity to assist you in revolutionizing your bathroom routine with a technologically advanced high-performance system.

Imagine a way of cleaning that is not just more hygienic but also kinder to your skin, leaving you feeling cared for and comfortable. The Sensia® Arena harnesses the natural goodness of water to refresh and revitalise your skin, leaving you completely clean without the harshness of paper or chemicals.

Winning the highest prize in the renowned design contest Iconic Awards 2016 – Best of Best in Munich earlier this month, the GROHE Sensia® Arena shower toilet sets the benchmark for the future of personalized, clean comfort. Designed to impress with its innovative functions, such as SkinClean and HygieneClean, makes it the cleanest toilet in the world and offering you a caring experience like no other.

GROHE’s SkinClean function lets you choose spray type, spray strength and position. Developed to give you an experience of cleansing that is powerful yet still gentle, always precise and tailored to your preference. The HygieneClean feature provides ultimate cleanliness. Combining leading-edge anti-stick coating AquaCeramics and the HyperClean glaze that prevents the growth of 99.9% of germs, you can be confident that your ceramic will stay clean for 100 years.

Put your trust in ultimate hygiene – from the design of the bowl to advanced coatings that offer triple protection from dirt, bacteria and lime scale, you can be sure that your toilet is always sparkling clean and leaving you feeling looked after and secure.

 Other special features include a nightlight and an automatic open and close feature of the lid. Its many benefits include the personalisation of the settings, the self-cleaning surface and flushing technologies as well as the convenient operation by means of an app.




 Enjoy the feeling of lightness and wellbeing that a personalised cleaning routine can bring you.

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