We love saving the planet and so we want you to know about WWW! World Water Week is an annual event that addresses the issues of Global warming and saving water.  This year the World Water week will take place during the week of the 1st to the 6th of September and we urge you to consider the future and pay copious amounts of respect to our precious earth. As an annual tradition, World Water Week addresses a particular theme each year to enable a deeper examination of a specific water-related topic. The 2013 theme is Water Cooperation- Building Partnerships”.

ON TAP is ready to partner with South Africans to help save our country’s precious water and that’s why they’ve invested in providing you with a vast range of eco-friendly products. The Hansgrohe Talis mixer range offers an ecological approach to hand washing due to its EcoSmart technology. These mixers are equipped with an integrated aerator in the spout, resulting in the infusion of air and water. This decreases water consumption by up to 60% without sacrificing comfort or water flow. To add more benefit, single lever mixers allow you to adjust water temperature quickly without wasting water down the drain.
Another method of saving water is to take a shower instead of taking a bath. While it takes approximately 140 litres of water to fill a bath tub, a normal 5-minute shower will probably use 90 litres of water. Now imagine saving up to 60% of that water consumption regardless of the pressure, by simply installing one of ON TAP’s eco-friendly showers. The ISCA Ostia shower range is a great example.
The ISCA Ostia shower , The Lecico Riviera Toilet, Capri Jeeves Towel Rails and
The amount of water going to waste when flushing a toilet is often overlooked. Litres of water can be saved just by installing integrated dual flushing mechanisms. They are easier to operate and simply require a gentle press. For example, the adjustable short flush from the Lecico Riviera Range uses approximately 3 to 4 liters of water, while the adjustable full flush uses between 6 and 9 liters.  ON TAP also offers a range of heated towel rails which effectively dry, warm and air towels after bathing or showering. Their exclusive Jeeves Capri heated towel rail is designed to operate as part of a recirculating hot water system, thus you will be reusing water that would otherwise have been wasted.
The Axor Starck Organic basin mixer
Buying organic water saving products like The Axor Starck Organic basin mixer from ON TAP, is also an alternative way of saving water. With its pioneering new spray, it meets new standards and only consumes 3.5 litres of water per minute without compromising on functionality. Because we live in a world with increased competition for scarce water, ON TAP thinks it is important to build a partnership with the masses in teaching water saving techniques. Lets save WATER!

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