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Jun 27, 2016

A new trend in the bathroom: Eyecatcher

We automatically focus on particularly striking objects when entering a room. Fascinating bathroom elements, be it small or large eyecatchers in terms of shape, colour, light, surface or material, catch the eye and essentially are a clear nonconformist statement. The possibilities to set individual accents are versatile – take a coloured front, striking ceramics, a free-standing bathtub or small accessories.

Eyecatcher 1: The colored front

DURAVIT01_LCube_Mo¦êbeloberfla¦êche The Jade-coloured front surface of the L-Cube vanity unit defines the overarching design concept in space. Greens hues seem soothing and relaxing, as we associate them with life, nature and health. 30 different L-Cube surfaces provide an almost limitless freedom in colour selection. Wall board, vanity unit or tall cabinet – the diversity of L-Cube helps create individual highlights. Delicate wall colours in beige, white and grey flatter the furniture and underscore their look.

Eyecatcher 2: Eye-catcher bathtub

Duravit03_Cape_Cod The boldly shaped Cape Cod bathtub doesn’t have to hide away, for it’s a strong statement of its own. Its monolith-like shape contrasts the rectilinear space concept. But then again, the matte look and feel of DuraSolid A seems to calm and relax. A coloured wall and an otherwise simple colour scheme automatically draw attention to the solitaire design object.

Eyecatcher 3: A masterful basin

Duravit02_L-Cube_01_02 The double washbasin of the ME by Starck series is a striking focal point in the bathroom. The filigree edge provides the washbasin with elegance and a light touch, although it measures 130 cm and has a comfortably deep inner basin. Combine it with the L-Cube vanity unit and have a washing area with plenty of comfort – and storage space.

Eyecatcher 4: It’s the combination!


The new c-bonded method seamlessly bonds the washbasin with the furniture. Initial trials with Darling New and L-Cube surpassed expectations. The L-Cube vanity unit and the patented special ceramics DuraCeram® form an almost seamlessly connected unit. Large surface areas on resistant ceramics ensure great comfort in use. This completely new look makes the basin the highlight in the bathroom.

Eyecatcher 5: A mirror

Duravit10_Happy_D2 Mirrors are almost indispensable in our daily life. No need to make them bland or give them an inferior role in the overall concept of space, for mirrors are real show-offs, too. The L-Cube mirror with its circumferential non-glare 480 LUX LED light frame stands out and perfectly sets the scene, whether built into or mounted against the wall. Many different widths offer great installation flexibility, too.

Eyecatcher 6: Small items – big statements

Home accessories such as textiles, wall boards or lights transform a bathroom into an impressive living area. They add the wow factor to a room, when purposefully placed. Grey tiles, white ceramics and plain wall paint create the ideal stage for those little self-exposer and help them perform best. Contact: Duravit

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