Kohler Detent technology

Kohler has acknowledged the global water crisis and wants to do something about it. With their innovative technology, they have included Kohler Detent technology in their faucets to save up to 50% of water while still giving you a world class experience. Kohler Detent Technology forms part of the company’s commitment to be a sustainable and luxurious brand giving consumers all they need to embrace responsible gracious living.

Kohler Detent Technology is an intermediate stop built into several of their faucet levers that allows for a full or intermediate flow of water while striving for optimal performance. In fact, despite flow being limited to five litres per minute, the faucets are so water efficient that you won’t even notice the difference.

Ranges that use the Detent Technology are Strayt, Singulier, Cuff, July and Viteo, as well as the popular Aleo and Aleo+ collections, which means designers have a wide selection of styles to choose from.

Contact: Kohler


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