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Oct 30, 2019

JEE-O’s Shower Journey to Africa

Creative brain and concept designer of JEE-O, Lammert Moerman, is a visionary with an eye for the distinct and functional luxuries of designer bathrooms. With this, Moerman has one wish; To enable the world to feel the JEE-O DNA. JEE-O creates products with tranquillity, peace and space for body and mind in an ambiance of functional luxury.

JEE-O is:

Minimalistic and innovative with a cosmopolitan character.

  • Durable: solid surface, solid steel.
  • Designer: pure aesthetic designs, perfectly crafted, minimalistic.
  • Luxury: enjoyment, design brand, investment, easy care.

With many facets to its distinguished brand, JEE-O’s collection of products is one with poise, however, never lacking in functional opulence.

Our journey begins with the JEE-O original series. The shower that began it all in 2004 and now consists of 5 different shower mixers, a free-standing bath mixer and three interchangeable showerheads. One shower, three different experiences.

The flow series, designed in collaboration with world renowned Italian designer Brian Sironi, is the paragon of ease. This shower design, eliminating all non-essentials and placing confidence in the principle that water takes on the shape of the object that contains it, resulting in flowing, smooth curved lines.

The pure series is a contemporary, clean and simplistic aesthetic which celebrates simple yet functional luxury. Our flatline series is a collection with a strong presence and feature robust and sturdy designs, a tough mixer ready for everyday use.

The slimline series features a product which display a graceful and refined functionality designed to suit modern and contemporary bathroom spaces. This collection is available in brushed, polished finish or structured black finish.

JEE-O’s soho designer series, designed in collaboration with Jeroom Jansen and Bertel Grote who make up the Grand & Johnson design studio and atelier for the high-end interior design market, is an ode to New York’s much ado SoHo neighbourhood. The stark and austere premise of the SoHo district is characterised by the simplicity of this JEE-O designer freestanding product line.

JEE-O showers are an attraction and asset to any deserving home and a perfect accessory to South Africa’s kaleidoscope of atmospheric weather conditions. All JEE-O showers have a place inside and outside the walls of your home as indoor and outdoor showers. JEE-O’s 365 all-weather frost-free feature allows for showers even in the wintertime. So, go ahead, enjoy JEE-O’s showers under the African skies.

DADO Africa is the proudly South African distributor of luxury bathroom ware products including DADOquartz bathtubs and basins and the official distributors of JEE-O designer collections of showers, faucets, mixers and accessories in Africa. Our products are featured in some of the most luxurious projects and homes worldwide and have global acclaim.

Visit http://www.dadoafrica.com/jee-o/ to view the full range of JEE-O bath ware and to locate stockists near you.

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