LIVING ROOM Have a box, container, basket in the lounge which becomes your physical ‘To Do’ list – put things in here when you’re running short of time, instead of “running and dumping” just anywhere. Set aside time every week to sort through it.

Cater for the ‘dump and runners’ with baskets, coat hangers, a unit with a drawer for each family.

 Keep remote controls in a cute container.

Copy CDs onto hard drives and recycle plastic containers.

 Keep old ornaments in a crate you can store away. Swop the ornaments around when you need a change. This will help you avoid impulse buys.



Get rid of appliances and gadgets you don’t use!

Store like with like. Baking goods together, braai gear, entertaining draw, dry ingredients, etc.



 Clear the dressing table clutter, be brutally honest with yourself and get rid of things you don’t use.

 Sort through your clothes every season change. Toss what you haven’t worn for the past year and a half, store the clothes you will keep.

Look for ways to use space you don’t usually use. Put drawers, trays, baskets under bed, use for storage.

 Use an ice tray to sort earrings and other small jewellery.



Throw away old expired toiletries. If you have small amounts of shampoo left, you can use them to handwash your “smalls”.



Rotate toys! Store toys in different coloured crates and swop them as kids get bored.

Keep a basket in the lounge for easy tidy up. Get the kids to empty the basket at the end of the weekend.

Take lids off toy boxes, kids will use them more if they can access them easier!

Give kids a momento box, encourage them to keep special items.


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