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Feb 20, 2020

Fireclay Sinks – The Tesoro Range by Rossco Basins and Taps

Beautiful. Elegant. Strong. Sophisticated. Classy. Stylish. Tough. The type you’d see at high end hotels, or mansions on the hill. Exposed legs. Comfortable to the touch. In the bathroom. In the kitchen. On the counter. Underneath it. Jacklyn. Tulip. Jennifer. You want them in your home. You want the Tesoro range.


Tulip Kitchen Sink WITH overflow

Imbued with the ability to stay timeless in an industry kept at the will of fads and fashions, the Tesoro range of fireclay console wash basins and sinks will stand the test of time, both as an aesthetic, as well as through their durability and resistance to fair wear and tear.

Manufactured and imported under the highest quality standards, these products boast an impressive résumé, being impact, acid and stain resistant. Able to stand heat while remaining strong and durable, there is no compromise on function or design. The non-porous, glazed surface is hygienic and food safe all while being a breeze to clean.

Jennifer Kitchen Sink

Being fireclay – a material manufactured by coating clay in porcelain – every product in the Tesoro range is moulded at high temperatures and baked to fuse enamel to ceramic. Like coal to diamonds, the finished product is classic, rare, and more valuable than the sum of its parts.

Jacklyn Kitchen Sink

Heavier than its ceramic or composite counterparts, the solid, full body base of the basins and sinks in the Tesoro range fortify them against damage in two of the most high traffic areas of a home – the kitchen and bathroom spaces.

Console Wash Basin 108cm.

With versatile designs to meet any needs, the Tesoro range offers products in various sizes: console wash basins in 84cm and 108cm; single kitchen sinks fashioned in both contemporary and farmhouse styles; our cleaner sink ideal for smaller spaces, and our double butler right at home in larger kitchens.

Console Wash Basin 84cm

Contact Rossco Basins and Taps to learn more about the Jacklyn, Tulip, and Jennifer sinks, or for any enquiries on the console wash basins.

For more visit Rossco Basins and Taps.


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    January 7, 2021

    Am interest in a Tulip Kitchen Sink WITH overflow


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