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Brian Steinhobel’s reputation, as an exceptional and award-winning industrial designer, is the result of many years invested in the design of sports equipment, appliances, furniture, automotive and aeronautical items. Brian’s extensive list of highly satisfied clients includes the Arrows Formula One Team, BMW, Coca-Cola, Colgate, Daimler Chrysler, Elna, Lever Ponds, Nissan, Shell, Siemens, Smith Kline, Beecham, Virgin, Zodiac… and now Cobra!

The finest in design . The Brian Steinhobel Designer Range
Brian Steinhobel
Brian Steinhobel
  The Designer Collection of taps and mixers from Cobra is exquisitely elegant in form and function, design and detail. From the contemporary Callisto to luxurious Leading Edge and trendsetting Tapno, these ranges have been crafted exclusively with infinite care and attention to detail by Brian Steinhobel, one of the world’s leading designers, to add a distinctive touch of stylish sophistication to your home.
The environmentally friendly Designer Collection includes superior features that are specifically designed with optimal energy saving, water conservation and safety in mind. In addition there are other functional benefits for the ultimate in adaptability and versatility, from flexible connection tubes and quarter-turn stop taps through to angle regulating valves and many more. These features put the Designer Collection into a class of its own, whether connecting sanitary ware in the bathroom or appliances such as dishwashers in the scullery.
Cobra’s Designer Collection epitomises the inspirational genius of this leading light in the field of industrial design. The distinctive Steinhobel style follows the fundamental design principles of form and function, holding true to the belief that contemporary design demands a combination of functionality, aesthetic appeal and optimum space utilisation. There is an ever-increasing need for evolutionary design to create and enhance personal, user-friendly individual living spaces. The end result ideally presents a formidable combination of visionary futuristic appeal together with functional practicality, creating a high impact interior look and feel that exudes exclusivity and sophistication.


Nothing but the best, The Callisto range has been designed as functional works of art to add a distinguished touch of glamorous stylishness to any home interior.


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