Dressing up your bathroom

When giving your bathroom a makeover there are certain things you just cannot forget, says Craig Taylor from Bathroom Butler. Accessories are one of those important things,  “Just like fashion, accessories can make or break an outfit.” The smaller details can really make a bathroom all the more special and serve an essential and practical role in the overall functionality of that space. Bathroom accessories need to be practical and purposeful and they need to look great! Here are some bathroom tips from Craig…

Going green: Consumers are very concerned about the environment, and this impacts our choices when selecting products and want to know about its impact on the environment. Recycling is big, people know that a product that can be reused will boast a considerably low-carbon footprint, says Craig. This is why all Bathroom Butler’s accessories and heated towel rails are manufactured from 100% recyclable Grade 304 stainless steel. A greener choice of material that is much more durable and looks far more beautiful. Money-saving: In this tough economic time,  consumers look to save money yet we still want quality and do not want to purchase cheap products that will need to be replaced in a few months. Instead, we look to save money is in the running costs of these products, says Craig.  Bathroom fittings needs to be as energy-efficient as possible. Bathroom Butler’s heated towel rails (HTRs) is a great example as it has Dry Element Technology (DET), which allows you to adjust the temperature settings for different climates and requirements. Our HTRs come with two kinds of temperature controls – the PTSelect Switch, reducing running costs by 60%, and the TDC Timer, reducing energy consumption by 75%.”
Fabulous finishes: Stainless steel is a fantastic choice for bathroom accessories, its long-lasting, versatile and beautiful and really easy to clean and maintain.  Bathroom Butler’s high-gloss stainless steel is an incredibly popular seller. Versatile design: Today the modern bathroom design style is an eclectic one. Popular bathroom styles mix it up a little, with both contemporary and traditional, adding longevity. Uncluttered simplicity: Overly fussy, cluttered and ornate designs are a definite no-no. Bathrooms of sleek and simple design lines are in. Streamlined design: The actual design of bathroom accessories has also been greatly influenced by simplicity: “Simplicity is not only reflected in the aesthetics of modern bathroom accessories, but also in the seamless way that they are fixed to the wall.” Bathroom Butler has introduced an innovative mounting system ensuing bathroom accessories remain tightly mounted to the wall – the RIGID Loc mounting system. It has a built-in locking system that ensures that it is firmly secured to the wall and it guarantees a sleek external appearance. A concern for safety: Any wet area is a safety hazard, especially in the bathroom. Grab rails and anti-slip flooring have become more popular in order to make these spaces as functional and safe as possible especially for the elderly. Bathroom Butler’s Paraplegic Grab Rails are only available in a brushed finish for improved grip. The quest for added luxury: Today’s bathrooms are more like in-home luxury spa retreats, used to unwind and relax, jam-packed with luxuries – from porcelain tiles, designer lighting, waterproof speakers, spa baths, steam showers and the list goes on! These may be expensive but an affordable “bathroom luxury” that has become a must-have is the heated towel rail. “They really provide an easy and inexpensive means of adding the finishing touch and that extra bit of luxury to any bathroom space,” says Craig.
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