Douglas Jones: Trending with White and Grey Bathroom Mosaic Ideas

Looking for some design inspiration for your new bathroom? Look no further. Explore the beautiful mosaic tile floor bathroom ideas and inspiration here, and shop the look at Douglas Jones! 

What? Subway tiles in a herringbone pattern? But of course! Have you seen the new light-grey subway tile by Douglas Jones? It is super sleek and perfect for any contemporary bathroom.

Whether you are constructing a brand new bathroom, or simply looking to upgrade your existing bathroom tiles, white and grey are a winning combination. In big or small bathrooms, mosaic tiles are here to make a big impression. Take a look at this innovative hexagonal pattern – in a bold grey tile – which adds instant elegance to the bathroom walls!

Similarly, all white tiles offer a sleek and sophisticated look to the bathroom. Tile your floors in a timeless white mosaic tile, or create a feature wall, such as the one below, featuring white subway tiles in a striking pattern as the wall above your bathtub. White never goes out of fashion, so it will be sure to add style to your bathroom for years to come!

White also creates a light, bright and airy space – perfect for modern bathrooms that offer classic appeal. From walls to ceiling, subway tiles will add contemporary flair to the walls or floor in any bathroom space. The other great thing about white tiles is that it makes a room feel larger than it is – so don’t shy away from white tiles in a smaller guest loo or ensuite bathroom.

Tiles now come in a variety of finishes, including matte and glossy tiles, with glass, stone and ceramic options. The example below boasts a wonderful glisten that will enhance your bathroom space with a little added sparkle!

Glossy can look lovely and clean and add more light to the space as it bounces light more readily, whereas Matte can bring great balance to a space especially if your counter tops are glossy. Glossy can be more “sterile” while Matte can look warmer. The traditional option is glossy but your final decision might come down to how large the area you are hoping to tile is as too much shine from the glossy tiles can overwhelm in a bigger space. Matte or Glossy? Which will you choose?

Douglas Jones provides unique, trendy mosaics and decor tiles – with a wide selection on offer to bring personality to your home.

Shop the look at Douglas Jones and be sure to invest in quality tiles to reinvent your modern bathroom.

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