Designing your bathroom

Bathroom designs have changed immensely in recent decades. They’ve become far more than the simple, utilitarian room they once were and become personal retreats and at-home spas. And like everything you might design in your house, designing a good bathroom requires planning, good information, and careful thought.

  • Plan enough space for each fixture and function. Plan for a place to dry off when stepping out of the shower, somewhere to hang towels within easy reach of the shower and bath. Ensure drawers can open and close without hitting other things.
  • Plan for daylight and privacy. Take advantage of natural light while maintaining privacy from the neighbours requires good planning. One way to gain natural light with privacy is to create a private outdoor garden space with a privacy wall around it.
  • Think through your daily routine. If you and your partner need to get ready in the morning at the same time, think about a bathroom that is split into two areas. The bath, shower and sink should all have separate zones.
  • Think about your luxuries. Do you want heated floors or towel bars? Do you want a steam shower? Do you want a spa experience in the shower with body sprays and a rain-head shower? Should your perfect bathroom include music, a television, a fireplace, or aromatherapy? This is your chance to make your bathroom design exactly what you’ve dreamed of.
  • Consider cleaning and maintenance. What type of flooring, countertop, and wall finishes are best for you? Some finishes look great but require constant maintenance. Make sure you know all of the characteristics of each of your selections before finalising your choices.

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