Designing with light in the bathroom

Designing with light in the bathroom can lead to more comfort than one can imagine. Activating, mobilizing or relaxing: The perfect lighting in the bathroom has a wide effect. This is where we start the morning well rested from a night’s sleep and where we go to in the evening to put our minds to rest. The emission of light and the light atmosphere decisively contribute to well-being. Furthermore, light makes objects perceivable, pronounces colors and surfaces and positively affects our mood. The lighting expert Prof. Roland Greule explains how to correctly set lighting effects in the bathroom and Duravit complements these with useful product advice. Basic illumination and zonal lighting. The basic illumination plays a central role – it serves for orientation in the bathroom and stages the furnishings. Zonal light effects create atmosphere and direct eye and focus. Zonal light sources should be very simple to be additionally switched on. Such as the mirror element of the new series L-Cube by Christian Werner: The glare-free and up to 480 Lux strong LED lighting is used on all four sides of the mirror. A sensor is used to dim and turn on or off this light frame by a simple movement of the hand.

L Cube
The designer Kurt Merki Jr. created a gentle, zonal shimmer of light in the bathroom with the ambient lighting underneath the washing area of the Vero bathroom furniture collection, which creates a natural sense of space in combination with the wooden surfaces of the series. The concentrated brightness underlines the striking contrast formed by the vertically arranged handles in contrast to the timeless modern design of the series.
light small bathrooms L-Cube
L Cube
Mood light. A mood light should be planned as a third light source in the bathroom. This lighting provides light and is itself an object of contemplation. Such as the mirror of the new series Cape Cod by Philippe Starck: The broad, all-round LED light frames the mirror, accentuates the bathroom and can be dimmed via infrared sensor. The option to change the color temperature by dimming has a huge impact on our mood: A fresher color temperature in the morning helps us wake up and a cooler light in the evening calms us down. The filigree mirror top light of the series Delos, Happy D.2 and X-Large can also be dimmed to your personal needs. The indirect, anti-glare LED light ensures optimum illumination of the facial area – making makeup, shaving or daily care comfortable without any shadows. This light source is also sensor controlled and attached on the side. Bathtubs complete the light scenario in a bathroom: A gentle, atmospheric LED light shimmers on request under the delicate peripheral edge of the Darling New bathtub. The indirect lighting of the floating bathtub Nahho of EOOS increases comfort and ensures relaxation.
Cape Cod
Matching light for different materials. Narrow-beam, direct light sources are recommended for hard and shiny materials such as ceramics. Also, choose cool light colors for cool materials as they emphasize such characteristics. A warm light color with a low color temperature (2700 K or 3200 K) is suitable for emphasizing warm materials such as wood. Mat, diffusely reflecting surfaces should be illuminated with soft, large-area lights from wall lamps or lampshades. Lighting scenarios for small bathrooms / guest bathrooms. Cleverly used lights can correct the weaknesses of a room: Ceiling spotlights make low ceilings seem higher, small bathrooms with zonal lighting and bright colors appear more spacious. For example, the mirror light of the smaller version of the L-Cube mirror provides an equally bright as well as warm light with unprecedented 300 Lux – and so visually enlarges the bathroom.
Whether a small bathroom, a guest bathroom or a guest toilet – the Delos mirror almost merges with the surrounding area. This visual impression is also created by the completely mirrored side faces. Again, a sensor light switch is discreetly integrated as is the case in all mirrors by Duravit. The right lighting is provided by the filigree top light, where no light source can be identified. The mirror is completed by a comfortable shelf made of extra-white glass. Light and safety. Light provides safety in the dark in addition to the optical design of a room. But too bright lighting often is disturbing during a visit to the bathroom at night. Discreetly integrated light sensors and modern technologies show the way. For example, the SensoWash shower toilet with an integrated LED night light function provides the necessary orientation without interrupting the resting state of the body. For an undisturbed sleep.  
RIGHT: Mood light Cape Cod LEFT: Light small bathrooms Delos

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