Contemporary Bathroom Designs

The contemporary theme has only ever been associated with living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Lately it has been carried to the bathroom as well. Contemporary bathroom designs are clean, fresh and have sleek lines, but are still welcoming. To create your own contemporary look bathroom, you’ll need to pay special attention to fixtures, lighting, bathroom ware, colour and decoration. A main feature of contemporary bathrooms is straight and simple lines. Whether it is the bathroom cabinets and vanity or other fittings, the designs need to be uncomplicated and simple. A contemporary bathroom design can easily be highlighted through the use of bright lighting. Bright and crisp lights simply give way to a sleek and fresh look. Bath fixtures and fittings are known to play an important role in the contemporary look. One-piece toilets, simple and sleek tubs, squared-off taps and other accessories and fixtures in a combination of materials featuring metallic and subtle warm shades are some popular elements of contemporary design.


The ideal colour scheme for a contemporary bathroom should be a blend of neutrals as well as bold colours. The most important aspects to remember are:

  • Using the right colours could even give your bathroom a spa like feel
  • Oversized and colourful artwork makes great focal points
  • Keep the decor simple but make it stand out with elegance

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