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Sep 12, 2018

Celebrating A South African Icon with Jeeves Heated Towel Rails

Inspired by a visual feast of lush vegetation, majestic mountains and endless open spaces of a picturesque coastline, South African bathrooms are known for their celebration of space where design style and aesthetics seamlessly transform the room into an oasis of tranquillity.

Jeeves Classic

Fittingly, heated towel rails add to the visual appeal, crowning the bathroom with a sleek, uncluttered feel. Available in an extensive choice of designs and finishes, these chic accessories have become synonymous with the Jeeves brand, bringing an indefinable sense of pampering to the bathroom experience.

We take a look at Jeeves Heated Towel Rails – a proudly South African icon in celebration of Heritage Month.

A South African icon is born

Established in 1995, Jeeves is the leading manufacturer of 100% stainless steel heated towel rails in South Africa, specialising in sophisticated, innovative models which bring luxury to the bathroom space.  While design plays an essential role, equal emphasis is given to exacting standards of quality and efficiency, with heated towel rails tested and accredited to a host of national and international quality and safety standards.  The result is an extensive offering of cutting edge, contoured models, gracing homes across South Africa as well as the United Kingdom, United States and Europe.

Environmental Best Practices

Safe environmental practices are at the heart of Jeeves creations, championing best practices which use resources efficiently, minimizing impact and addressing climate change.   With a focus on saving energy and using recyclable materials, Jeeves has been awarded membership of the Green Building Council SA.

Although the Jeeves AHT heated stainless steel towel rails can be left on permanently, they use electricity intermittently and only when required. Running costs range from only R12.50 (Classic H 460mm x 400mm) to R94 (Classic N28 1740mm x 620mm) per month when left on 24hrs/day/month (calculated at the 2017/2018 average Eskom electricity price of 89.15c/kWh). This is much cheaper than using a 3000-watt tumble dryer!

Hydronic heated towel rails powered by solar generated hot water together with a wholly solar powered circulation pump results in ZERO running costs! Used extensively in central heating systems in the UK and Europe for over twenty years, even making use of an electric circulation pump on hydronic heating systems will result in negligible running costs due to the very low wattage ratings of these appliances.

Signature style

With a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation, Jeeves’ trendsetting designs are perfectly at home in different bathrooms, with a choice of heated towel rails which reflect your individual style. Whether it’s the sleek lines of the Jeeves Classic, ideal for family living; the eye-catching divergent lines of the contemporary Tangent Ladder L, or the sophisticated silhouette of the state-of-the-art Spartan range, Jeeves combines innovation and luxury with space-saving functionality. The result is an ambiance of tranquility, easy on the eye and even easier as a treat of relaxing indulgence.

Making bathrooms beautiful


From bold décor choices of the floor-mounted, freestanding Tangent X to the sublime simplicity of the Spartan Boxx, when it comes to making a statement, you are spoilt for choice. Finishes are available in a selection of colours from mirror polished to yellow gold, antique rose gold, white, matte brushed and matte black – allowing you to perfectly coordinate your bathroom theme, shades and accessories.

Jeeves takes this to the next level with trendsetting designs, combining fine craftsmanship with a unique style. Here, emphasis is on an uncluttered, stylish living space, contributing to the visual flow of the room and establishing the artistry of the heated towel rail as a highlight of this experience.

Wrapping it up

The underlying experience of all Jeeves heated towel rails is one of bathroom indulgence and aesthetic elegance. This is the legacy of Jeeves heated towel rails:  providing toasty towels which enhance your bathroom time while making a pleasing artistic statement.

With over two decades in the bathroom space, this South African icon has become an integral part of the bathroom with values of quality, service and style reflected in the enduring charm of each unique Jeeves design.

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