Bright Ideas for Storage by Design

Blum’s innovative Ninka range offers a variety of quality accessories that will help you to keep your kitchen, bathroom and other storage spaces in your house perfectly tidy, streamlined and organised.

Super-organised drawer solutions:

Cuisio – this compact, elegant drawer insert, made from an exclusive mix of plastic and aluminium is designed for the Blum TANDEMBOX pull-out systems. A smart clip connection enables you to adapt it to different drawer widths. Perfect for organising your cutlery and utensil drawer.

LEFT: cuisioFLEX – highly versatile, this organizer can be used in a variety of kitchen units, and looks just as great as a free-standing unit to organize your counter-top items      RIGHT: banio – absolutely precise and completely customisable, the Banio facilitates a drawer below the basin. Banio storage containers are perfect for keeping bathroom drawers and mirror cabinet shelves neat, ensuring that your everyday toiletries and cosmetics are easy to hand.

Best bin solutions: One2four – these free-standing multi-bins are available in a variety of sizes, and are useful for many different applications, from a recycling waste unit to the perfect organiser for sorting and storing household cleaning products. one2four bins are compatible with one2five hanging frames and one2top lid accessories.


one2five – this hanging frame for the one2four bin range combines ergonomics and practicality, and is specifically designed for the Blum TANDEMBOX pull-out system. The seamless system offers optimum kitchen convenience and cleanliness. one2top – this range of sleek lids for the one2four bins comes in a variety of sizes and designs ranging from an individual tray lid to multi-compartment lids that optimise your storage space while keeping those smaller items tidy and accessible. wasteboy –the innovative space-saving design of wasteboy system provides you with a whopping 32litre waste capacity in three-telescopic waste bins that fit neatly in the cupboard under the sink.  

Smoothing out the corners: Mondo corner solution – designed to transform awkward, inaccessible kitchen corners into easy spaces, this cabinet system has doors that rotate 360 degrees inside so that all your stored items are smoothly revealed on quality carousel trays when you need them. Powerslide corner solution – reclaim the blind corners in your kitchen. Powerslide seamlessly transforms asymmetric left or right kitchen corners applications.

corner solution

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