Bespoke Bathroom: Rules For Designing A Family Bathroom

When planning a bathroom, it is important to design it around the individual needs of those who will be using it. One design certainly does not fit everyone. In a family bathroom there are a number of considerations that you need to think about. We asked the professionals from Bespoke Bathrooms for advice.

A bathroom for little people should cater to their needs. Not only in terms of height and the size of things in this space, but children often have unique storage requirements and considerations that could influence a family bathroom design. It’s important to recognise these needs and work it into the bathroom design.

You don’t have to compromise luxury for efficiency or style in a family bathroom. In fact, there are a number of ways to ensure a beautifully luxurious yet functional space that will work for the entire family.

In a recent family bathroom design, Bespoke Bathrooms ensured that the needs of the children were considered. As a result, they created a vibrant and functional space for a family to use and enjoy. The following were some of the considerations:

  • Towels in a family bathroom need to be easy to hang up or they will land on the floor, so for a little added luxury, a fitted heated towel bar with easy hooks and wooden free standing towel stand were incorporated into this room. A great encouragement for the kids to hang up their towels after use!
  • A family bathroom should feel warm and welcoming so kids will be encouraged to make this space their own. The colour palette is therefore key when designing for kids.
  • Built-in recessed shampoo holders are great for a family bathroom as this keeps the shower tidy and is a great design feature and easy to keep clean.
  • A sturdy laundry basket is an essential item here, so the kids can easily throw in their laundry.

Bespoke Bathrooms offers a unique high-end bathroom design and bathroom renovation service plus small home renovations to clients in and around Cape Town.

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