Bathroom By Design

Bathroom By Design is a boutique design practice specializing in bathroom styling and creating unique bathrooms from concept to completion. With a wealth of design experience, they offer a professional design service to help clients create their ideal bathroom.

At Bathroom By Design they embrace the challenge of creating a bathroom tailored to each client’s individual needs. With Bathroom By Design you can be assured that your bathroom will be original. Expert designers are trained to plan all types of bathrooms irrespective of size or shape and will provide expert advice to guide clients through the whole process. As designers, they cater for all styles whether you require a classical, modern or minimalistic bathroom, the team will create the bathroom you have always wished for.

From the stylish choice of finishes to the accessories, lighting and flow of a bathroom, every element needs to work together to create the idyllic bathroom experience. Bathroom By Design understands that every bathroom has the potential to impress.
For this bathroom featured above, the brief was, “It must have a Victorian feel to the design”. The team found it interesting to work on creating a historically themed bathroom but with the hidden modernized touches. Note the frameless shower, not of the Victorian period but within the overall design it works. Bathroom By Design was very happy to have been chosen to create this elegant period bathroom and the end result speaks for itself.
No matter the size, a smaller bathroom can feel bigger if planned and designed correctly. Contact a professional and discuss your options for a full bathroom revamp you can be proud of.
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