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Oct 31, 2013

Bathroom Smarts

A bathroom so natural, functional and beautiful is perfect for your home. The steel has been recycled and made into bathroom equipment.  To maximise the benefits of recycling, Bathroom Butler made a conscious decision to lead the way in the industry and enforce principles of what they term as Smart Manufacturing. We are loving theiur new concept and their new look! bathroom-Butler11

  • Dry element technology (DET technology): DET technology is used in heated towel rails – it is not only an energy efficient and practical technology for this application, but it also allows for the heated towel rails to be completely disassembled for recycling at the end of their lifecycle.
  • RIGID Loc Mounting System: Exclusive to Bathroom Butler, the RIGID Loc system is one of the company’s most recent innovation to follow its Smart Design principals. Traditionally, bathroom accessories were attached to the bathroom wall using grub screws, which had to be regularly tightened in order to keep them firmly secured. Bathroom Butler’s RIGID Loc system however, is an innovative new design that ensures that bathroom accessories remain tightly mounted to the wall without the need to ever re-tighten any screws. Apart from its practical function, the system negates any need for any internal parts that are glued or pressed in place, which ensures that the product will be easy to recycle when the time comes.


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