Bathroom Butler: the gift of renovation

Bathroom renovations are an exciting prospect for your home, but can also seem like a daunting task that is time consuming, costly and sometimes, a little overwhelming. Bathroom Butler has offered the following tips to consider that will help you create the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.


A realistic vision Upgrading your bathroom can add significant value to your home or investment property, so ensure you do it right. Consider your budget, the amount of time you want to spend and if there’s any hidden problems. Bring in a reputable contractor to do your measurements, assess functionality and install the plumbing. Keep it simple Renovating the entire design of your bathroom can sometimes be unmanageable. Think of all that needs to be done: plumbing, piping, lighting, ventilation and a bunch of other necessities. Before ripping everything out entirely – keep it simple by adding new furniture or accessories; upgrading your finishes and/or applying a fresh coat of paint. Finishing touches Adding new and modern accessories to any bathroom will create the finished touch that will make a bathroom feel homely and comforting. When choosing your accessories you need to define your style and consider your colour scheme and the space you are working with. Important and functional accessories will improve the practicality of your bathroom, you can also modernise the space with heated towel rails or stainless steel accessories. Upgrade your style Incorporate new innovative elements into your space. Try under floor heating which is great for those cold winter months or a mirror light which adds that bit of luminosity in your space or Bathroom Butler’s energy efficient heated towel rails. Ventilation Bathrooms generate a lot of moisture which is a breeding ground for mould and mildew – be prepared for this and don’t allow it to ruin any renovations you’ve already done or plan to do. Be sure to have a minimum of one window, a built-in fan or fitted air vents installed. Bathroom Butler has amazing deals and cost saving options for your December ‘bonus’ bathroom renovations. With up to 25% off on selected items your bathroom makeover is bound to be easy on the pocket, stylish and fun. Remember, it doesn’t have to be all at once, start small.


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