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Aug 20, 2015

Axor Universal Accessories

Philippe Grohe and Antonio Citterio are proud to introduce a new system of Axor accessories. Modular, multi-functional, and universally applicable, this comprehensive system consists of handles, bars and shelf elements by Hansgrohe SE. These products can be used individually or as a collective solution in bathrooms, and kitchens (to a lesser extent).  “Out of individual, high-quality components, visually appealing and harmonious accessory solutions are born. These can be re-arranged or complemented by adding more components if the need arises. This means, customizing room designs becomes much simpler”, says Philippe Grohe, Head of Axor. This season, Axor allows you to refine your bathroom with small jewels. Antonio Citterio explains: “Accessories have a significant effect on the overall appearance of a room; they are an essential part of its décor. When I design something, I strive to create products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. For instance, bars inside the shower function as a support for other accessories and serve as towel bars outside the shower”, explains Antonio Citterio. Timeless and elegant, the new collection boasts outstanding workmanship which distinguishes the twelve Axor Universal Accessories. Clean lines and generous surfaces indicate high class luxury; smooth contours and soft curves embody refinement and are pleasing to the touch. High-quality materials such as chrome-plated metal, mirrored and white glass, not only contribute to durability and hygiene, but are also effortless to clean. Plus, the Axor Universal Accessories are compatible with a variety of Axor fixtures and will compliment an array of bathroom decorating schemes. Special customer requests are handled by the in-house Axor Manufaktur – a manufactory that individualises standard products. For example, Axor Universal Accessories are available in fifteen highly scratch- and cleanser-resistant PVD-treated surface finishes, polished or brushed: chrome, gold optic, red gold, black chrome, nickel, bronze, stainless steel optic or brass. After all, your bathroom is your sanctuary to embellish! The-Aesthetics-of-Order13   Visit:

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