ASK US: What is the right colour for the bathtub?

Q: Dear Marcia. I have recently started following you on Facebook as have just started the daunting process of building my first ever home. Thank you for all your posts – they’ve been a wealth of information, ideas and inspiration. Do you perhaps know the exact paint colour which was used to paint this gorgeous tub in one of your recent posts?  I would like to use it to strip an old wooden cabinet I have and paint it for a bathroom. Thank you so much for your help.

bathroom inspiration_grey blue
A: Thank you for your query. Judging from the image of this gorgeous bathtub, the closest colour would be Polar Pond from Plascon which is a perfect blend of grey and blue – ideal for creating serene bathroom sanctuaries. I think it’ll look fabulous on a wooden cabinet. Be sure to try it out on a small surface first to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the colour. Below you’ll also find some of the complementary colours which might work well in this scheme – feel free to use at your discretion. Good luck!
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