A private spa

We have become more international, always on the move, travelling more than ever before, and therefore we see more and have more choices. When it come to looking for a hotel we often want to find a place that follows the trends and keeps up with our requirements.We find this place in modern hotels!!! With their exciting architectural concepts, unusual design ideas and private wellness programmes in the bathroom, are providing us with all the answers. We see the classical wellness area finding its way into private hotel rooms… with everything from whirl tubs, pools, saunas and steam showers, transforming the space into a spa suite. Austrian design trio, EOOS, developed this luxurious bathing culture for Duravit. Take a look at the Nahho floatation bath, utterly relaxing with coloured lights and music to make the experience all the more magical. And sliding doors and glazed partitions providing privacy for guests. Whether classical, romantic, avant-garde or modern in style, these bathroom furnishings provide a unique design and personal touch.

Open concept hotel – Casa Camper Vero Starck


Contact: www.duravit.com


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