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July 21, 2017

There is a growing trend in interior design that seems to be embracing all things tropical. This ‘Tropical Touch’ trend is inspired by nature with palm leaves, bold green prints and island living as the central themes. We love the vibrancy of these design elements that make the trend a playful, colourful and lively style. Here are a few of our favourite ways to embrace the look and incorporate Tropical Touch into your own interior.

Bring the sunshine of the tropics to your abode with fun nature-inspired prints and textiles reminiscent of an island paradise. From natural textures and raw materials inspired by nature, you can achieve the look with a few bold prints and a celebration of colour.

Tropical Touch is all about a connection to nature – a merge between outdoor and indoor living where your interiors are a celebration of outdoor island life. Get the look with simple, muted tones that are linked to natural colours and textiles such as this spectacular small bamboo droplet candle holder from SHF (1) or the Jute Basket Weave Rug by Rebtex (3) to bring earthy tones into your abode.

Go big and bold with vibrant scatter cushions in tropical tones. Let these playful accessories bring balance and colour to your space. Shop the look at Loads of Living where you will find an array of fun scatters (2) to brighten up your interior or choose a sub-weave cushion cover in bold botanical print from H&M Homeware (5) or a muted velvet cushion cover (4) to enhance the look.

Woven natural materials and neutral colours are also a must to achieve a Tropical Touch look. Choose a stunning Umtsala Laundry Basket by Madwa (6) or a soft throw in plain natural with fringe (7) by La Grange Interiors.

Finally, Tropical Touch is all about the finer details. Choose accessories wisely to complement and not overpower the central theme in your space. We love the ceramic pots (7) available from La Grange Interiors, in dark greens to suit the look.


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