SHF: The .COM Reveal Party

March 18, 2017

After months of construction, revamping and disorder, SHF Head Office’s newest office space is complete. Boasting an expansive open plan, pods and bright pops of colour, the new area is a vibrant and friendly workspace.

The new .COM space. A vibrant and energetic office for the hub of SHF

Glass adds to opening the departments and helps to create an inter-departmental cohesiveness that is key to the hub of the business being able to be a productive unit. Aptly named .COM (dotcom), an acronym for Creative, Operations & Marketing, it houses a varied group of staff all connected in providing the best quality On Trend products, innovative ideas and streamlined implementation, to aid the growth of an expanding behemoth.

4PM on the 1st of March saw the office turned into a trend-defying venue, with SHF staff and special invited guests, a few of the Masters included, enjoying food and drinks, good music and positive energy. The newly adapted space gives a glimpse into the future of SHF as well as displaying a blank canvas, willing and ready to be painted into a truly priceless artwork.

Take a look at the pictures from the event:

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Visit to see the inspiration behind this ahead-of-the-curve department.

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