SASSDA competition: Win a trip to Paris

March 13, 2017

The Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association (SASSDA) invites engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, end-users and specifiers and members of the public  to enter their new competition in which entrants stand to win a trip to Paris worth R125 000.

Entrants need to download and use SASSDA’s life cycle costing (LCC) app to calculate the significant long-term maintenance savings that could have been achieved had the Eiffel Tower been constructed from stainless steel.

The LCC app was launched in 2016 with the aim of boosting the use of stainless steel in the local market. The product uses the standard accountancy principle of discounted cash flow, so that total costs incurred during a stainless-steel structure’s life cycle period are reduced to present day values.

SASSDA is looking at the avenue it would have taken to construct the Eiffel Tower from stainless steel, which hd not yet been invented in 1889.  They are asking entrants to compare the life cycle costs of steel and stainless steel if the Eiffel Tower had to be built in 2017. Other parameters in the competition include a choice between a lean duplex and a utility ferritic. Entrants then need to calculate and compare what the operating costs would be for the Eiffel Tower for the next 100 years if it were built out of mild steel, and either utility ferritic or lean duplex.

SASSDA wants to show how the app is invaluable to professionals in the field, who want to bypass the complicated steps normally associated with this type of calculation; unless they also have an accountancy qualification.

Watch the video for how Life Cycle Costing works:

Details how to enter:

Contact: SASSDA

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