Rules for creating an eclectic home

March 18, 2017

If you love a lot of styles and you have trouble deciding which one to pick for your home, it’s clear you need to have an eclectic home. Ingenious, creative, original and full of personality, an eclectic home is a home you won’t get tired with very easy. Also, your guests will have plenty of corners to check out, so here are rules in decorating an eclectic home…

Pick industrial items

The industrial elements shape really well in eclectic interior because they go with any other deco style. Pick industrial lamps, chairs or even an old industrial item such as a chest or table and your home will look amazing and very original.

Make an artsy gallery wall

A gallery wall is a very easy way to mix a lot of styles. You can mix framed patterns and textures with all sorts of photos or even extravagant paintings and you will have a room full of personality.

Go for patterns

Ethnic prints go with everything, so it’s super cool to have this print in your eclectic home. Also, other patterns such as stripes or the floral print will help you give personality to a room, and make a great interior focusing on an eclectic style.

Pick a color that unites it all

Because in an eclectic style, you also have to have a sort of unity, you can do that by focusing on a main color. Make sure that color is shown in different shades or small accents in your rugs, paintings, sofas, chairs or any other deco objects or furniture that makes a room really come together.

Wood is always a good idea

Wood means more warmth into an interior, so this is the perfect element you need to include in an eclectic home. Pick old wood chairs, a wooden coffee table or bench and you will have and amazing and welcoming home. Also it will represent that unique  rustic style in your mix of styles.

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