Plascon House Tour: A celebration of old

September 8, 2017

In the quaint Spanish village of Ampurdán you will find the holiday home of Spanish decorator, Pascua Ortega. Although a relatively new construction, this home oozes maturity and a sense of heritage as if it has been around for centuries. Exposed wooden beams and interior rock walls all hint at the Spanish homes of old. One would never guess that it was built in the 21st century! 

This residence is clearly a celebration of old, constructed using reclaimed materials to respectfully honour the past. The objective was to build a house that was connected to the local environment, solidly built, a village house rich in reclaimed materials, and like those of old peasants, without pretensions.

Miquel Pallès is the young Spanish builder who took upon the task of building this family abode using age-old building techniques. The result is a home filled with heart and soul – a positive reflection of the past and a celebration of reused materials.

They bought beams, gates and windows in demolitions, followed the architectural rules of the area, and respected some of the jewels of the façade and the walls, such as the arched windows and the stone benches facing the confessors.

The house thus oozes a sense of tradition and class with classic elements and traditional furniture choices that are both stylish and comfortable.

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