Pilgrimage Livingspaces: What is a Dhurrie ?

March 1, 2017

Dhurries are ancient flat-weave rugs with origins in India. They have strong, tightly woven, rustic weaves with no pile or backing making them reversible. They are famous in different regions all over India with each region having their own motifs and colour combinations. Dhurrie weaving has traditionally been a village industry in India and is considered a major life source, providing income, occupation and creativity. This art requires lots of patience as it is very time consuming.

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After the yarns have been dyed and prepared, the artisan begins by tying both ends of the yarn to the wooden bails. The bamboo bails are then placed (these are the handles which are pulled during the process). Next the threads are pulled according to the desired pattern and design. The main tool is a panjas, a wooden contraption with iron fingers, which he uses to tap each coloured threads into place.

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Mostly crafted from cotton, wool, jute or silk, they’re thin and versatile. They not only make good floor coverings but also make great decorative throws over the back of couches for an extra pop of color, or even hanging a wall.

Dhurrie rugs are a perfect way to combine the beauty of historic artistry with contemporary decor. Take a look at Pilgimage Livingspaces‘ Dhurrie Collection:


From left to right: Zigzag Hand-weaved Dhurrie; Diamond Hand-weaved Dhurrie; Geometric Hand-weaved Dhurrie

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