Out and about with Hertex

October 15, 2012

Hertex brings you Out and About, a couture collection all about fun and frivolity.

Tour de France Left Summer Right: Spring

It’s a little fantasy with plenty of colour. Designs will delight both young and old and are offered in fashion colours of salmon, watermelon, yellow and shades of blue. It’s the very best of colour incorporated with tongue-in-the-cheek and more serious designs. You’ll even find birds, butterflies and bicycles . . .

The Birdcage  Melon,  Smoke, Aqua, Canary

The Birdcage Colourways (l-R) Melon, Smoke, Aqua, Canary

The colours correlate with our new and very fashionable Vigo. This poly felt is all the rage in Europe and suitable for both corporate and domestic furniture; it’s often seen in an array of two or three colours on one piece of furniture.

Applications are endless – cottons, cotton linens and linens; Out and About is a fun and cheerful collection.

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