Meet the SHF Masters: Paul McCabe

March 13, 2017

The Renaissance Man

As children, we would attempt in vanity, to pin down our parents, large in stature and power, reminiscent of holding a gauging torrent of water, hoping the flow would not escape. Paul is much like that, uncontainable.

It would be futile to confine Paul to a singularity, much like assuming the multiverse we inhabit remains the only one, denying the billions upon billions of possible versions of the lives we know to be untrue. Frankly, calling the MD of Mattland Holdings one thing borders on absurdity. It’s hard to find a man of a humble nature with an innate ability to encompass so many roles and facets, balancing risk and reward is a norm for the wry joked man. Paul is a focused being that expects excellence, his keen eye, nose and sharp wit are testament to that, every morning, before the break neck speed and bustle of a growing empire, Paul walks into the offices of his staff to bode them a good morning, carrying a leather satchel, a smile and what is tantamount to the days pearl of wisdom.

As a newly married man, his relationship with his wife, spanning five years is as long as his tenure at SHF, watching it grow from infancy, Paul has poured heart and determination into not just a successful venture, but a shared dream of a friend. There is a cool gant to his walk, confident in what he does, the polymath may be many things, and as such, takes fallacy as a stepping stone to greater heights. Watching Paul is witnessing a trained pitbull, whose instinct is relentless, there is no backing down. From brokering deals to involving himself in the minute parts of others life, his genuine interest and concern are only matched by his raw tenacity. Balancing being both good cop and bad cop.

It would be easy to buckle under the pressure, but as an avid runner and athlete, it’s a driving force behind what he does, regardless of ideals, opinions and scepticism, there is a calm reassurance of someone who is truly comfortable with who he is, with the knowledge that all the other things are past times and added extras to a life filled with morality and value.

Paul McCabe doesn’t need a fancy title or the adage of what most believe makes the man. Success is the ability to assess and change, and he does so with an ease. The world is made up of so many people, parading as people, that when we stumble towards the likes of men such as him, defining and understanding becomes blurred, but that is the beauty of not being truly able to comprehend, accepting and trusting, much like we did as children, listening to stories of myth.

The nine tasks set to Hercules were meant to deter and destroy him, his credibility and given ability, yet, each time he adapted and used more than strength to overcome them. Paul McCabe is a modern day Hercules, a mixture of humanity and supernatural prowess. Even amongst the on goings of life, we can take solace in knowing, that there are those who walk among us, as protectors and heroes, keeping score and balancing the weights we were always afraid to lift, even when they were lighter than we ever knew.

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