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September 13, 2017

Don’t miss out on these fabulous finds from Robert Thompson with an array of mirrors now on sale. Make the most of it and invest in a mirror for all areas around your home. Here we share some top tips for mirror placement around the home.

A mirror in any shape or size is a must-have item in every home. Not only a practicality in a space such as a bathroom or bedroom, a mirror can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of an interior, in just about any room around the house!

In the bathroom

Undoubtedly, a mirror is an essential in a bathroom or walk-in closet where you may spend your time getting dressed. Fuller length options are also great so that you have a better view of your attire, from head to toe. Place a bathroom mirror above a vanity or bathroom sink, or spice things up and create a fun mirror placement behind your bathroom door or in a gallery display on an open wall.

Entrance Halls

Make a great first impression with a mirror in your entryway. As guests enter the home, a beautifully framed mirror will be a great welcoming component to your home.

Living spaces

Enhance your entertainment and living spaces with carefully placed mirrors in strategic areas. You want a mirror to reflect natural light in the space. In smaller areas, a mirror is also great to create the illusion of space. Test out different shapes and sizes and select something that makes an impact!

Bounce light in the kitchen

Whether in the kitchen or lounge, a mirror can also work to bounce light around your space. In a darker room, a mirror will work beautifully if it reflects the outdoors and brings natural lighting into your interior.

Make the most of your mirror placement and find one you will love on sale now at Robert Thompson.

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