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July 22, 2017

Lofts, glorious lofts! There is something magical about that enchanting space just below the roof of the house. When transformed into a modern loft, the possibilities are endless. Here are some of our top tips from Lofts and Ladders to help you decorate a stylish loft that is hip, modern and oh so inviting. 

A loft can be a tricky space to decorate. Here are some top tips for loft living to help you maximise the space.

1. Use dividers or area rugs

One of the easiest ways to define and segregate space in a loft is by adding area rugs or shoji screens or room dividers. Area rugs soften the ambience and can add to the warmth of a room, making it cosier. Shoji screens are available in the form of sliding doors or fan-like foldouts. These elegant Japanese screens can create boundaries, without blocking light. You can also experiment with large, open bookcases as room dividers. Choose rich coloured shelves and add a contemporary touch to the space.

2. Simple is best.

The simpler the decoration, the better your loft will look! Choose a few sleek pieces of furniture and place them across the room, creating a casual, yet cosy environment. Get hold of some designer fashion or antique items and use them add to the overall décor.

3. Storage is key

Plan and buy items that have some hidden storage space, in order to make the most out of the item. A classic example is an Ottoman, which is a footstool, coffee table and even storage space (for keeping items like spare blankets and board games), all rolled into one.

4. Go Green

Place plants around your loft, to enliven the space and also give it a homely and warm touch. You will also be able to enjoy the usual benefits that plants offer, mainly in the form of providing clean and purified air and bringing a natural element inside the room.

5. Select artwork

The high ceilings of a loft make it a perfect canvas for experimenting with your creative ideas. So, be adventurous and hang paintings and artworks of various shapes and sizes, in accordance with the size of the room. It will give an intellectual and classy feel to your loft.

Spotlight: Lofts and Ladders

Lofts and Ladders was founded by Cliff Harriman in 2004. Lofts and Ladders specialises in converting the unused area of your roof into a valuable living area, providing the most economical and convenient way to create space. Adding a loft to your home also offers the best home improvement that you can make.

Even when it might appear that building a loft is not possible, Lofts and Ladders offers a unique Dormer roof system as an extension of your roof height and gives you the loft living that you desire.

Their loft building method is painless, safe and well-planned. A loft does not increase your environmental footprint and it is over 95% recyclable.

A Consultant engineer inspects every structural aspect of your loft conversion, ultimately issuing a certificate of compliance on the satisfactory completion. You can expect superior results and quality service!

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