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March 17, 2017

With sincerity, experience and desire to boast, Marcia Loves It has become an influencer in the industry over the years, giving brands a personalised narrative that slots into the everyday traction of media, both traditional and digital. We are now affiliated with Webfluential – a  professional leading global platform that allows our audience and potential clients to have an overview of how we rate as an influencer within our community, giving you an outline of what age groups, gender, countries and social media platforms are best fulfilling their functions and impact.

In a recent report from Instant Grass called ‘Talk With Me’, the spotlight was given to different individuals to report on how brands are communicating with them. The insight that came out of this study was that ‘in order to stay relevant, brands need to learn to speak with their consumers, not at them.’

In playing up to our strengths, we always ensure our narrative is personalised into the brand – whether it be through memory, advice, anecdotes or support, we always advocate for the story above the product, thus giving us a platform to gently insert ourselves in people’s consciousness, instead of pushing information on them, which can often be overwhelming and struck with consumerism.


Our goal is to put you on the Décor and Design map. If you are looking for authenticity and an ever growing community to engage with, visit our Webfluential page to book us for influencer campaigns.

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