Hansgrohe: Increasing Functionality in the Kitchen

August 13, 2017

Whether you are an upcoming master chef winner or a hater of cooking – we all inevitably find ourselves in the kitchen a few times per day. And who does not agree to the fact that the best parties happen in the kitchen? 

In this day and age, the kitchen has not only become a room for cooking, but the design has moved to incorporate an entertainment area. The change in design and trend gives people the opportunity to still socialize with their guests in the living area while they show off their
cooking skills.

Changing the environment and atmosphere of the kitchen to the social and multipurpose room created an even higher demand for ease of work flow, space and functionality. In turn, the demand created a new gap in various markets for suppliers and manufacturers and Hansgrohe took the opportunity to fill that gap.

The innovative technology, Hansgrohe Select button, was introduced to the kitchen
mixers with a new design, giving more functionality and space to the cooking experience.

Increasing the functionality and ease of movement, the Select button solves a few issues that irritate people in the kitchen. The days of having to open the kitchen mixer with your dirty hands just to fill a pot with water in the middle of your preparation, or the struggle of not having a hand free when you require water, are issues of the past.

Preset your temperature and simply open and close the water using the back of your hand, arm or elbow. Adding to this innovation is the pull-out spout which gives you more room to move and not necessarily have to move a pot closer to the mixer and struggle to fill it. No height is lost and it is easier to fill up large vessels.

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