Corobrik: 6 Reasons To Consider Clay Pavers

November 14, 2017


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Have you ever thought about installing clay pavers in your home?

Out of the many paving materials available in today’s market, clay pavers are perhaps one of the most popular options for home owners, architects and designers. And with their ease of installation, as well as their timeless appeal it’s not hard to see why many prefer this classic material.

However, deciding on the right paving material for your home is a big decision, and it’s not one that should be made without careful consideration.

So to help you make a decision with confidence, we thought we’d share these 6 clay paver benefits from Corobrik. Read on to see what you can expect from this quality paving material.

1.Exceptional Durability And Strength

Clay pavers have an impressive load-bearing capacity and are often used to pave driveways as well as other heavy load areas. They are also favoured for their hard-wearing nature and their ability to withstand harsh outdoor elements – it is not uncommon to hear of clay pavers that have lasted hundreds of years!

2.Low Maintenance

Taking care of clay pavers is extremely easy. Mild detergent and a simple scrub is often all that is needed to get rid of any stains or marks. And because they’re durable and resistant to oil, petrol and a number of chemicals, they hardly require any maintenance at all.

3.Environmentally Responsible

It’s pretty hard to find a paving material that’s as environmentally-friendly as clay. Clay pavers are not only manufactured in an environmentally responsible manner – without the use of environmentally damaging chemicals – but can also be re-used, ensuring that they don’t add to landfill.

4.Colour Consistency

Even after years of wear and tear and prolonged UV exposure, clay pavers retain their colour and remain as attractive as the day they were paved. This is due to the firing process which intensifies the colour inherent in the clay.

5.Non-Slip Surfaces

Since clay pavers have a textured and abrasive surface, they’re naturally slip and skid resistant, which makes them ideal for paving pools and walkways.

6.Design Flexibility

Because clay pavers are available in so many different sizes, colours and textures, they give you the freedom to design without limits. They’re also very easy to work with and can be laid in a variety of attractive patterns such as herringbone, basket weave and stretcher bond!

For more information on clay paver benefits and properties, feel free to contact Corobrik on 031 560 3111.

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