Budget-friendly ways to spruce up a big blank wall

March 5, 2017

Big walls call for big art. Nothing looks stranger than seeing a small, lonely painting floating in a giant expanse of wall. The difficulty, of course, is that big pieces of art often come with big price tags. Here are a few different ways to fill up a big wall on a little budget:


  • If you prefer a more traditional look, try cutting out and framing a few pieces of boldly patterned wallpaper.


  • If you’re not lucky enough to have something already at hand, a vintage tapestry, rug, or quilt can often be had for a small fraction of the cost of a similarly sized piece of art. The idea of hanging one on the wall with pants hangers is great.


  • If you have a smaller piece that you really love but that just isn’t the right size for your wall, you can give it some extra impact by backing it with a piece of art paper surrounded by picture frame moldings.


  • A fabric wall hanging is a great inexpensive alternative to larger pieces of art. Find ways of creating a wall hanger with wooden bars at the top and bottom.


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